There is a mean strain of ransomware called WanaCrypt0r / Wcry that is infecting systems globally.

Ransomware works by infecting a computer, locking users out of the system (usually by encrypting the data on the hard drive), and then holding the decryption or other release key ransom until the victim pays a fee, usually in bitcoin.

This particular infection vulnerability was addressed by Microsoft in a March security update, however it is spreading due to inconsistent system patching.

  • Servers under my administration are protected as I routinely ensure servers are patched on a regular basis.
  • Windows 10 devices are protected as they auto maintain / apply their updates
  • If I have performed any maintenance your device since March, I’ve already performed Windows Updates and thus its protected

This is a courtesy message to please double check your other devices and ensure they are fully updated.

If you have any devices that you are unsure of or need me to take a look at it, please contact me.